economy of resistance – Imam Khamenei

The fifth point is that this economy is justice-based. The standards of the capitalist economy such as national growth and gross national production are not the only standards that it relies on. In this economy, the issue is not only about the rate of national growth and gross national production. These are things which global standards and capitalist economies pivot around. A country may have a high GNP, but some people inside this country may die of hunger. We do not believe in such an economy.

Therefore, the standard of justice – economic and social justice – is one of the important standards in the economy of resistance. But it does not mean that we should show indifference to the existing knowledge-based standards in the world. The economy of resistance does not mean that we should do this. These standards receive attention as well, but the task pivots around justice. Justice on this issue and in this paradigm does not mean the division of poverty among people. Rather, it means generating capital and increasing national wealth.