Lahore – Ao Na Mere Khawab Dekho (Come now … look at my dream)

A movement has been going on in Pakistan for the past 45 days or so… this is the latest massive rally against how Pakistan has been made into a family business, specifically targeting the current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The movement is led by Imran Khan, who has an 18 year long political involvement history in the country, and before that was the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team. While there are many valid questions about this movement, something that is undeniable is how the Azadi Thereek (or Freedom Movement) has captured the imagination of a significant sector of the middle and lower middle class of the country. More in the next few days… as I re-start this blog. The rally below took place earlier today (Sunday, 9/27/2014 in the city of Lahore, estimates suggest that nearly 4-500,000 people attended. A massive rally by any accounts.