family politics of Pakistan

One of the most important aspects of the movements in Pakistan led by Imran Khan, and the political party PTI has been a strong critique of family politics – and an emphasis on merit as the criteria for electoral politics, not family connections, and/or clans. Unfortunately, as could be expected, the incredible rise of Imran Khan and PTI’s popularity is now leading to some of the same old useless faces to jump ship from the other less popular parties to PTI. The video below is an announcement of the leaving of a branch of the Leghari political family from PPP and joining PTI.

It remains to be seen if Imran Khan and PTI’s leadership remain true to their words, or, if as a result of being near taking power – they too will succumb to family politics. And if so, will the middle – class supporters of PTI and Imran Khan take a stand for the principles that have been articulated by Imran Khan daily for the past over 60 days now?

In an interview, Zartaj Gul, an important representative of this middle class was strident in her stance that those coming to PTI would have to abide by PTI’s principles… let’s see how this unfolds. Below is the section of a press conference (Urdu) – called to address the concerns around the stampede in Multan – where the Leghari announcement was made. For Urdu speakers, note how the extensive family background of the individuals’ are recited.