a concern #blacklivesmatter

The treatment of African American Muslims in the US by Muslims of immigrant background (who, more than often, are either from affluent backgrounds, or are upwardly mobile – proudly proclaimed so by groups such as CAIR and ISNA)- is how they would treat their servants “back home.”

A servant is not allowed to talk back when the master has spoken – but to say (specific to Pakistan) “ji (mem)sahib” (“yes sir, yes maam”). This poison is both a racist and classist mentality – that is not just limited to those who are themselves immigrants, but is passed on to their children, and grandchildren. The children are taught, through innuendos, while outwardly keeping a liberal facade, that the equivalents of servants in the US are two major groups: African American, and to a lesser extent Latino(a). But the brunt of this poison is reserved for African Americans.

Those Muslims (of immigrant background) who wish to be in solidarity with such movements as #blacklivesmatter – must go through a detoxification process before they’ll be of much use. And going through detox means that you do what you are being told / prescribed to do. Talk back to the counselor, but remember that you (who have come to detox) is the one who has the problem.