the class of Trump

Trump overwhelmingly lost California, but a closer look at the counties he won suggests that a deeper class analyses would help in understanding the vote.  The median per capita income of counties that Clinton won is about $29,122 – while the median per capita income of counties where Trump won is about $22,900.  The areas where Clinton won the biggest were also counties with the highest per capita income in California, including Marin with $56790 , San Francisco $48400, and Santa Clara $41510 (Marin is overwhelmingly White, while San Francisco and Santa Clara are going through a population displacement program that will bring in wealthy anti-working class liberal whites, and move out lower income working class peoples of color aka gentrification).

The above, of-course, needs a deeper analyses –  because Clinton won the largest urban counties that are also highly stratified income wise – and that is also where larger numbers of Latinos, and African Americans live, two major groups she won strong.  These two groups, however, also have the lowest incomes, and if we drill down further, we’ll find that things get more complex.

Clearly Trump’s anti-establishment message resonated strongly amongst lower income working class White voters. But he also alienated large numbers of Latino and African American working class voters who went for Clinton – even though she obviously did not represent their interests. IF Trump had not gone off on a racist tangent – it is likely that he would’ve pulled in very large numbers of Latino and African American voters. This population is just as much, if not more, disenchanted with the failures and corruptions of neo-liberalism, unions,  and Democratic Party operatives who promise but deliver nothing, and have made things way worse for everyone.