Recommended resources (books, talks, videos, movies, articles, etc.)

Here are some recommended resources (in no particular order, will be periodically updates) -for those wishing to explore Islam. You’ll likely have to order the books through on-line services such as Abe Books – may be difficult to find them at your local brick and mortar.

The Vision of Islam – a superb introductory text by Sachiko Murata and William Chittick

The Triumph of Mercy Philosophy and Scripture in Mulla Sadra – for those wanting to begin a dip into the sea of Islamic philosophy by Mohammed Rustom

Free Content from the Journal of Islamic Philosophy (mostly from a special edition on Mulla Sadra)

An Outline of Islamic Thought in the Quran by Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei

Reflections on Quranic Prayer According to the teachings of Imam Ali (as) – by Reza-Shah Kazemi

Recommended Classic Fiction:

The World of The Thibaults (two volumes: The Thibaults and Summer of 1914) by Roger Martin Du Gard – English translation by Stuart Gilbert. (A beautiful novel on family, class, war, death and dying, socialism)

“A few years ago, I read a great French novel entitled “The Thibaults” (Les Thibault in French) by Roger Martin. Great novels from France, Russia and other countries, where eminent novels have been written, depict realities of life.

If you read novels by Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo or Russian authors, you will find that they’ve artistically depicted the social realities of their time; the same can be said for “The Thibault”. -Imam Khamenei